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Post by Sheights on Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:25 am

The latest update in the Starbound Vore Mod. I am sorry it took so long to get here.
Patch Notes:

NPC Pred Scripts have been updated! NPCs now
- No longer need to aim projectiles. Meaning they will easily be able to eat even in a crowd!
- Will no longer miss on multiplayer servers where lag is an issue!
- Stop Breaking Worlds! (Probably)
- Eat prey on ships without having to mess with the config!
- Eat prey with admin on. No longer will I recieve a bug report about this!
- Easier back-end for content creators! (You’re going to have to learn it once)
- Easier support for custom effects and status effects!

- Hibani Cosmetics
– Black Mask
– Cheap Buds
– Elizabethian Collar
– Floral Headband
– Knife
– Santa Hat
– Spiked Collar
– Top Hat
- DO NOT GET YOUR HOPES UP. Theses are only under “monsters” because that’s what the game classifies them as. Okay. Are you ready?
– Gnomes now live in Gnome Domes on garden planets. You can interact with them to eat them. They will give back a sliver of hunger and can be captured with the relocator.

- Predators:
– Alsnapz
– Avali UB
– Cecaelia
– Rake (Major Update. New Animations. CV form.)
– Egg UB Tenants now use the enhanced egg from the RP tool.
— Cecaelia have different eggs and different colored eggs depending on the color of your NPC.
— Yoshis also have this effect coded, but I don’t have the sprites yet so they just have the normal egg until later.
– Races from other mods have more dialog from the race mods.
– Spenzaroo now has a Goo Digestion after effects.
— When eaten by Spenzaroo you will lose health until almost 0.
— When released the subject is deposited as a regenerating slime blob.
— When 100% health you may reform completely.
- Prey:
– Alsnapz (safe)
– Teel (safe, fatal)
- Other:
– Hibani now have chat noises.
– NPCs in the mall will no longer give out quests.
– All Pred NPCs will now give out quests.
– Predators will not join on as crew. Yet.
– Teel Added to the Food Hall
- Removed! (By request of their authors. The files still exist in the mod but are unaccessible because there’s no way to stop you from just lifting them from previous versions.)
– Christy Prey Digest
– Devout

– Animated Renamon (safe and fatal)
– Animated Sathedianus (safe and fatal)
– AV Badge
– Gnome Trees
– Maple Syrup Candle

- Sign is updated (If you want your name on the sign and you supported me once between this and the last update but then stopped. Please let me know. You are owed your due.)
- 19 new Patreon Request Statues

World Generation
-Garden Planets:
– The hibani home now has a hibani villager living in it! No he won’t eat you.
– Gnome villages litter the surface. There you can capture gnomes for your own nourishment.

- Bellybound has been given a much needed face lift. A new UI and better sorting categories.

Bug Fixes
- Hibani and Rodents can now beam down in mechs.
- The RP Tool has been fixed again. This thing breaks with every update it seems!
- Hungry Chocobo and Greedy Chocobo have had functionality restored, and better than ever!
- Frogg Furnishings now uses a .patch rather than an override. This means I’ll stop overriding the base Starbound asset.
- Spooky Cauldron now uses a .patch rather than an override. This means I’ll stop overriding the base Starbound asset.
- Bunny Altar now uses a .patch rather than an override. This means I’ll stop overriding the base Starbound asset.
Next major update will include the very much awaited VSOs and some house keeping like actually updating the credits and readme. This next update will not take 7 months. It’s probably not worth much but you have my word.
Thank you very much for your patience during this way too long wait.
This latest update has accumulated 1300 changed files with 24,435 additions and 6,209 deletions.

I hope you enjoy it! (HEY I FORGOT TO UPDATE THE NPC CHART. You can find an up to date one in a bit here:

Download the mod here:
Follow the mod updates on my Tumblr:


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