An admin item for RP servers - THE CROWN OF RPING!

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An admin item for RP servers - THE CROWN OF RPING! Empty An admin item for RP servers - THE CROWN OF RPING!

Post by CU-Vore on Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:44 pm

Are you running an RP server but also want to have some zones where players can fight or survive? Or do you just want to give people a spectator option?
Well here's a big ol' code block for what I've dubbed "the crown of RPing."
An admin item for RP servers - THE CROWN OF RPING! 20171110
/spawnitem fairyhead 1 '{"rarity":"Essential","description":"A gift from the gods, making you unable to take or deal damage.","shortdescription":"Crown of RPing","level":6,"leveledStatusEffects":[{"levelFunction":"standardArmorLevelPowerMultiplierMultiplier","stat":"powerMultiplier","baseMultiplier":0},{"levelFunction":"standardArmorLevelProtectionMultiplier","stat":"protection","amount":99999999999},{"levelFunction":"standardArmorLevelMaxEnergyMultiplier","stat":"maxEnergy","amount":99999999999},{"levelFunction":"standardArmorLevelMaxHealthMultiplier","stat":"maxHealth","amount":99999999999}]}'

I know that the screenshot and code block really don't reveal much to the normal person, so here's the short of it: this item gives you an insane amount of health and armor, to the point that basically nothing is able to damage you. Inversely, this item also reduces your damage to the point that you can't even smash bottles open for pixels. (Obviously this is to stop people from abusing an OP af set of armor. cyclops) This can be very good for any situation where you want players to act casually and live care-free from aggression but don't want everyone to be capable of doing so.

In order to spawn the crown in simply turn on admin mode ("/admin") and then paste that code block into your chat. The crown will be dropped at your cursor's location and can be picked up like any other item.

All things considered this is obviously an insanely overpowered admin item that does risk breaking many parts of the game, so use it with discretion and only give it to those you trust not to abuse it.

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