Possible Fix for the Incompatible Outfits

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Possible Fix for the Incompatible Outfits Empty Possible Fix for the Incompatible Outfits

Post by Zadey on Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:30 am

there is a large number of NPC outfits that are only obtainable via console commands and admin mode, and for good reason, the players 'body' would peek through blank spaces in the outfit, sheights solution to this was to make a dummy race whose body art files were blank

a friend of mine really wanted to use the new-goodra outfit, my solution was to make a player race with similar Blank art files

understandably, Sheights did not want to include my Blank Race in the mod, using it essentially means 'normal' clothing no longer functions

Now for the good news: a Blank or Dummy race is no longer required, a very simple and short line of code added to armour is all it takes

"hideBody" : true,

thats all it takes, you can see the code in action on the caretaker.head item

of course, i have already experimented with the line and made a back item with the effect, as i do not believe there is any back items in the SSVM

a pair of gifs to showcase what i mean a bit, youll have to excuse the brevity of them...working in gyazos tiny gif recorder time is a butt

Ps: im not much of an artist or wordsmith, and a tinkerer at best when it comes to programming, but ive been following SSVM since it started and hopefully this whole post can be useful to it \o/


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